Play Hard,  Play Smart,  Have Fun!
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Welcome to NJ Juggernauts Baseball where instructing the basic fundamentals, hard work (team & self-practice), and teaching players to have a clear understanding of how to play the game the right way is my top priority.  I also educate the players on the importance of working hard at their individual skills, developing their mental toughness, and maintaining their commitment to the success of their TEAM...

NJ Juggernauts Baseball will have a
14/15U spring team for the 2017 season.  The spring season we will hold three practices per week. Two hitting practice per week and one outdoor defensive practice per week.  All practices take place in Bergen County NJ and games can be played on Saturdays or Sundays.

I work with the players to prepare and maintain their mental toughness on the field, pitching mound, at the plate and during practices.

When and how to think;
(Baseball Intelligence Quotient) how to set up before a pitch, how to react and know what to do with the ball when put in play and to have a good approach when they step up to the plate. These are the foundations for a young player's enjoyment in baseball. Young players often learn the physical aspects of the game, but often do not understand the mental side of baseball nor do they know how to deal with it. The mental side of baseball is a large piece of the puzzle, that must be addressed if players want to move through the higher levels of the game.
I teach the correct mechanics and the mental preparation that is needed before the first pitch and up to the last out.
"The Dictionary is the only place that SUCCESS comes before WORK.  HARD WORK is the price we must pay for SUCCESS."
-Vince Lombardi

The learning process and Hard Work NEVER ENDS!
It's time to put in your work and
prepare like a CHAMPION!

100% Focus,100% Effort  must be performed at all times, Practice, Games, and in your Everyday Life. must commit to this way of thinking, your mind is the most powerful tool you have...harness it, learn how to use it, then release it into your way of life, and into your game!

Play Hard, Play Smart, Have FUN!
That's Juggernauts Baseball...See you on the field.

A Juggernaut is an overwhelming, advancing force that crushes anything and everything in its path!
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2017 Winter workout includes:
16 max. player per session.
Workouts will commence on: 
12 week program
Correct Mechanics, Tee Work, Soft Toss,
Pitching Machine, & Live Pitching.
Correct Mechanics, Half & Half Ball, Foot Work, Follow Throw, Glove Work, & Receiving.
Pre-Pitch Preparation, Ready Position, Proper Approach, Foot Work, & Glove Work
Speed & Agility Training:
Baseball Specific; Strengthen the Hip, Core, and Increase Overall Quickness.
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Coach Ken's Philosophy
I teach my players to respect their opponents, to maintain their composure on the field and I do not emphasize winning or losing.  I feel young players need to put their emphasis on being
100% Focused before each pitch.  Learn and understand what to do with the ball before & after it's pitched and for my players to give
100% Effort during all practices & games.
The players simply must focus on the learning process instead of the outcome.

Teaching youth players to understand the benefits of hard work through practicing on their own which I highly recommend. Providing the proper information on how to conduct oneself during workouts, practices, games, and last but not least, proper dugout etiquette.

I have never put the game before the health and well being of one of my players.  The safety of all my players comes first.  I am very aware of my pitchers' warm up / cool down routine in order to support and maintain a healthy arm.

Learning and knowing ones defensive assignments at the high school level is of the utmost importance.  Teaching how to; properly run bases, read cut off throws, read opposing pitchers and how players need to move their feet & hands quickly and correctly in all aspects of the game, all of which is a large part of my program and my philosophy.

Coach Ken is also available for private or semi-private instruction; Pitching, Hitting, and Catching.
ON-SITE& Detailed Video Analysis available when booking 3 or more lessons.

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Contact Coach Ken Mattson at;
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How to improve your Mental Toughness

1-Living in the present moment.
2-Focusing on the process instead of the outcome.
3-Identifying what you can control & what you    cannot control.
4-Staying positive in the face of adversity.
5-Inspiring & motivating yourself to make the          impossible possible.
6-Developing the dedication & self-discipline that    you need to power through the grind it takes to    succeed.
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Batting Practice
Date: Thursday 10/27
Time: 7-8 PM
Location: NJSA, Ramsey NJ

Defensive Practice
Date: Saturday 10/29
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM
Location: Sulak, Park Ridge
**Round One**
Playoff Game

Date: Sunday 10/30
Arrival Time: 10 AM
Game Time: 11 AM
Location: Pompton Plans, NJ
Quote for your life
"Preparation for tomorrow
is hard work today."
- Bruce Lee
Video Pitching Evaluations,
November ONLY!
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